Course Catalog

Titlesort descending Subject
Assistant Counseling Additional Electives
Assistant Media Additional Electives
Student Council A/B Additional Electives
Student Police Academy Additional Electives
Yearbook A/B Additional Electives
2D Design Art
3D Design Art
A. P. Studio Art A/B Art
Advanced Draw/Paint Art
Advanced Studio Art F/S Art
Art Independent Study Art
Beginning Jewelry Art
Crafts 9 - 12 Art
Advanced Jazz Band Band
Color Guard (Fall Only) Band
Jazz Band A/B Band
Percussion Ensemble F/S Band
Symphonic Band F/S Band
Drama 1/2 Drama
Drama Advanced F/S Drama
Stage Technician Beginner Drama
A.P. English Language and Composition - A CU Succeed Course English
A.P. English Literature and Composition - A CU Succeed Course English
Best Sellers English
Creative Writing English
Debate/Forensics English
English 10 A/B English
English 10 Honors A/B English
English 11 A/B English
English 12 A/B English
English 9 A/B English
English 9 Honors A/B English
Integrated English 9 A/B English
Mass Media Film English
Mystery Literature/Suspense English
Mythology English
Science Fiction English
Shakespeare English
Food Science I Family and Consumer Sciences
Food Science II Family and Consumer Sciences
Living On Your Own Family and Consumer Sciences
Relationships Family and Consumer Sciences
Health Health
Advanced Digital Photography Interactive Media
Advanced Graphic Design Interactive Media
Advanced Video Production Interactive Media
Beginning Digital Photography Interactive Media
Beginning Video Production Interactive Media
Introduction To Multimedia Interactive Media
A.P. Calculus A/B Mathematics
A.P. Statistics A/B *CU Succeed Course* Mathematics
Algebra 2 A/B Mathematics
Algebra I A/B Mathematics
Geometry A/B Mathematics
Honors Algebra 2 A/B Mathematics
Honors Geometry Mathematics
Intermediate Algebra A/B Mathematics
Pre-Algebra A/B Mathematics
Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Statistics Mathematics
Trigonometry Mathematics
Orchestra A/B Orchestra
Literacy 4A/B Reading and Literacy
A.P. Biology Science
A.P. Chemistry Science
A.P. Environmental Science - A CU Succeed Course Science
A.P. Physics - CU Succeed Course Science
Anatomy and Physiology Science
Biology A/B Science
Biology Honors Science
Chemistry A/B Science
Chemistry Honors A/B Science
Earth Systems Science A/B Science
Environmental Science A/B Science
Physics A/B Science
Principles Of Bio-medical Science - Project Lead The Way Year 1 Science
A.P. European History Social Studies
A.P. Psychology Social Studies
A.P. U.S. Government & Politics A/B Social Studies
A.P. U.S. History A/B Social Studies
Contemporary Global Issues Social Studies
Economics Social Studies
Integrated World Geography A/B Social Studies
Integrated World Geography Honors A/B Social Studies
Psychology Social Studies
Social Psychology Social Studies
Sociology Social Studies
United States Government/Colorado Government A/B Social Studies
United States History A/B Social Studies
United States History Honors A/B Social Studies
World Geography A/B Social Studies
Concert Choir Vocal Performing Groups
Men'S Choir Vocal Performing Groups
Mixed Choir Vocal Performing Groups
Select Choir Vocal Performing Groups
Women'S Ensemble Vocal Performing Groups
A.P. Spanish A/B World Languages
Mandarin Chinese 1A/1B World Languages
Spanish 1A/1B World Languages
Spanish 2A/2B World Languages
Spanish 3A/3B World Languages
Spanish 4A/4B World Languages