Advanced Academics Programs

Honors Courses:
Students may apply to take Honors courses at Frederick High school. We encourage students to apply for these challenging and rigorous courses, and those with sufficient scores on the Honors Rubric will qualify. Applications for Honors courses are available in the counseling office. Available courses include Honors Integrated English 9 / World Geography/History A and B; English 10 Honors A and B; Biology Honors A and B; Chemistry Honors A and B, Honors courses will be weighted as follows: A=4.5, B=3.5, C=2.5, D=1.5, F=0.

Advanced Placement (A.P.) Courses:
Frederick High School participates in the College Board’s National Advanced Placement (A.P.) program. Currently, eighteen Advanced Placement courses are offered, and on completion of an A.P. Course, a student is prepared to take the A.P. Examination in May. Depending on the student’s exam score and specific university policies, students may receive college credit. Students and parents are asked to complete an AP Contract, available in the counseling office and on the school website.

CU at Frederick High: The CU Succeed Program
Frederick High School has entered into a unique partnership with CU Denver to enable our students to complete challenging university course work and earn college credits through the University of Colorado while still in high school. Courses are taught by Frederick High teachers who have received honorarium faculty appointments from the University of Colorado. CU Succeed Gold courses are select introductory courses from CU Denver and have the same content as on-campus courses, have the same quantity and quality of work, and are evaluated by the same high standards. These courses are taught here at Frederick and students receive concurrent high school and college credit. CU Gold courses not only give Frederick High students the opportunity to earn college credits and gain exposure to college level coursework, they can significantly reduce time and expense. While tuition on the CU Denver campus is currently $250 per credit hour (not to mention additional costs in fees and living expenses), the current rate for CU Gold courses is $75 per credit hours (tuition rates set by UCD and are subject to change). We are thrilled by the opportunity to send confident kids off to college having already earned college credits.

Biomedical Science at Frederick High School: Project Lead the Way
Brand new for 2015-2016, the Biomedical Science Academy at Frederick High School will help prepare students for careers as biomedical professionals. In partnership with the national organization Project Lead the Way, this four year program of study will help prepare students for careers and education including Pre Med university study, clinical medicine, public health, medical diagnostics and Biomedical Engineering. This program is relevant to students planning to engage at any career level in the field of medicine.

The introductory class, Principles of Biomedical Science, is open to the class of 2018-2019 (the freshman class of 2015-2016). There will be an enrollment cap of 30 students; a lottery system for registration will be used if necessary. An application process exists for this program; please contact the school for detailed information.