A.P. Biology

This rigorous course provides students with a fundamental understanding of the eight major areas of study in biology. A.P. Biology is taught at the college level and therefore in much greater depth than Biology 1 and 2. Any student interested in a career in health sciences should take this course (college majors such as pre-med, pre-vet, physical therapy, etc.). 1st semester includes: chemistry of biology, cell structure and function energy transformation in biological systems and genetics. 2nd semester topics include: evolution, animal structure and function, plant structure and function, and ecology. Instruction includes analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information that is obtained from college texts, peer-reviewed research and laboratory work. The lab portion of the course is very extensive, and includes sophisticated equipment. Individual study and extended laboratory work are encouraged if not essential for success. Students are encouraged to take the National Advanced Placement Examination at the end of the school year.

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36 Weeks
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Biology and Chemistry
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