A.P. English Language and Composition - A CU Succeed Course

This course engages students in becoming skilled readers of a wide variety of prose and image based selections. These pieces, representing an assortment of periods, disciplines and rhetorical context, furnish students multiple opportunities to work with the rhetorical situation, examining the authors purposes as well as the audiences and the subjects in the text. Through close reading and frequent writing, students develop their ability to work with language and text with a greater awareness of purpose and strategy, while strengthening their own composing abilities. Course readings feature visual media, expository, analytical, personal and argumentative texts, from a variety of authors and historical contexts. Students write in a variety of modes for a variety of audiences developing ability to analyze and articulate how the resources of language operate in any given text. Performance expectations are appropriately high and the workload is challenging.

Course Subject
Course Number
Grade Level
11, 12
Course Duration
36 weeks
Course Credit
Completion of Honors English is recommended
Course Fee
Current A.P College Board exam fee