A.P. English Literature and Composition - A CU Succeed Course

A.P. Literature and Composition engages students in the careful reading and critical analysis of literature. The approach to close reading involves the experience of, the interpretation of, and the evaluation of literature. Writing assignments focus on the critical analysis of literature and include expository, analytical, and argumentative essays. The goal of writing assignments is to increase students ability to explain clearly, cogently, even elegantly, what they understand about literary works and why they interpret them as they do. Since reading and writing stimulate and support one another, they are taught together in order to underscore both their common and their distinctive elements. Please understand that the universal value of literary art that probes difficult and harsh life experiences may occasionally require study of controversial material. Students are expected to have a maturity level appropriate for full participation in a college-level course.

Course Subject
Course Number
Grade Level
Course Duration
36 weeks
Course Credit
Completion of Honors English or A.P. English Language and Composition is recommended
Course Fee
Current A.P. College Board exam fee and possible materials fee to be determined