This course is designed for students who want to develop their potential in public speaking. One option for students is oral interpretation, which involves the student choosing selections from quality dramatic or humorous or poetic literature, studying the piece thoroughly for authors intent, then using his/her imagination to make the literature come to life through the use of voice and body. Another option is drama, in which student actors study characterization and performance technique and present a scene of their choice. Additional options for students in Forensics include the study of debate, extemporaneous speaking, student congress and original oratory. These units emphasize critical thinking skills, research writing and persuasive speaking.

Course Subject
Course Number
Grade Level
9, 10, 11, 12
Course Duration
18 weeks
Course Credit
*Participation in this class requires a commitment to the extracurricular forensics team. This team has regularly weekly practices, competes at Saturday tournaments and requires and activity fee of $120. Forensics is governed by CHSAA rules and students may letter in forensics.
Course Fee
$120 (subject to SVVSD requirements and subject to change)