Introduction To Multimedia

Introduction to Multimedia provides an overview of theory and concepts of visual communication used to present information or promote a message to a consumer. Students will be able apply an understanding of the elements of design to develop interactive, computer-based media for presentational and instructional use. Students will be able to apply basic skills learned in previous classes such as typography, image development, layout, scanning images, manipulating photographs, and creating digital artwork to projects that will create comprehensive marketing and advertising plans for companies. Students will apply the understanding of Adobe Photoshop, Google Sites, Scratch, and Garageband to create their digital designs. Class projects may include: logos, posters, brochures, billboards, flyers, websites and packaging. Students will be assessed on their use of the elements of design, originality, workmanship, the ability to assess customer needs and technical proficiency in each project undertaken.

Course Subject
Course Number
CTE 9032
Grade Level
Course Duration
18 weeks
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