Jackson's Blackboard March 2016

Good morning, 

I hope all is well with you and your family as we close in on the three-quarter mark of 2015-2016! It’s gone by fast and this time of year is exciting; spring is in the air and planning for next year has already begun. We have a lot happening instructionally at the school right now; here is the March issue of “Jackson’s Blackboard:” 

ACT Preparation. Thanks to our juniors for participating in our practice ACT exam in the auditorium last week! Over 220 of our 240 juniors participated, well over 90 percent, and it’s exciting to see our students’ investment and awareness of the ACT’s importance to college admissions and potential scholarships. I should be able to have results back to students by the end of next week. As we move forward we will conduct another round of digital practice in classrooms toward the end of March, and I also must stress the importance that students practice on their own. Resources include Shmoop and ACT.org, and many of us noticed that our practice test had the correct answers in the back of the booklet; this is a great opportunity for practice as well. 

Standardized Assessments after Spring Break. Standardized assessments will look different this year, and they will all occur in the first weeks after Spring Break. Only freshmen will be involved with PARCC this year, and it will consist of only two days, April 12th and April 15th. On April 19th juniors will take the ACT, and sophomores will take the PSAT. Juniors will be asked to take CMAS Science exam on April 22nd. We are working on the detailed daily schedules and we’ll keep you posted on that piece. This reduced schedule will be much more doable for students and staff, and I believe it’s a step in the right direction. 

Registration for next year’s courses. As of now, most of us have put in requests for next year’s courses. If you have not yet done so, please get this done ASAP; students who do not complete the process by the end of this week will have courses selected for them. 

Technology and the 1:1 iPad Initiative. Instructional coach Dabareh Vowell presented some exciting data to staff last week; according to St. Vrain’s Year 1 Technology Implementation Goals, Frederick High is ahead of schedule and ahead of the curve. Thanks to all our students and staff for making this first year successful; please browse the FHS Showcase to see some examples of how we’re using technology in classrooms. 

As you can see things are busy, and I think all of us are looking forward to Spring Break and a successful last two months. As always, please contact us with questions and have a great week! 

Doug Jackson, Assistant Principal, Frederick High School