Technology Showcase

Technology Showcase

Frederick High School is a leader in the integration and use of technology in the classroom. Our staff takes great pride in using technology to enrich learning and help build 21st Century Skills to our students. Here are a few examples of how teachers are currently using technology in the classroom:

It’s Breakout! Mania!


A rash of recent Breakout! games challenged students to solve clues, use prior knowledge, test skills, and race time to attain a final goal. This type of learning activity engages movement, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving at its best. Teams must use resources, including strengths of group members, wisely.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.47.37 AMTed Clapp guided his AP Chemistry students to create and set up a Breakout! game for his other chemistry classes, based on skills students were learning in that unit. Students created invisible ink activated by ammonia and visible under black light, devised experiments, planned “booby traps” that exploded if wrong answers were selected, and set up the unfortunate chemist whose experiment had gone awry.  FullSizeRender

The scenario was that students had been exposed to a deadly virus (as a result of a lab accident) and had 58 minutes to open a box with antidotes (Sweeties candy) to save the class. Four of his classes went through the challenge.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.03.26 AMTwo of Adam Francis’ chemistry classes also visited to do the challenge. They had to find black lights to read invisible clues around the room, solve chemistry equations to find correct chemicals, use problem answers to locate drawers with critical clues, conduct an experiment, and trace clues by unlocking six boxes containing pieces of the combination for the box with antidotes.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 9.51.44 AMFor Chelsea Stuvel’s freshman English classes, the challenge prepared students to read To Kill a Mockingbird.   Information categories included socio-economic conditions in the 1930’s South, the Great Depression, the role of women, Jim Crow Laws and segregation, the subsequent Civil Rights Movement, and background on the author, Harper Lee.

The scenario was that Tom Robinson, on trial in the book but innocent of the charges, was not getting a fair trial in a segregated South with all white male jurors and a prejudiced judge. In the final (locked) box were official orders to replace the judge with one more impartial and replace the jury with neutral black and white men and women.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 10.02.42 AMOne of Sandy Wisniewski’s classes also played. Students had to use prior knowledge, look up information online, find books and specific facts, and use critical thinking to unlock boxes and retrieve the combination for the final box. All the classes were able to get the orders to save Tom’s life within the 61 minute time limit! Students enjoyed the activity and all information retrieved was applied to reading and notes.

For  after school professional development on March 2, all staff members participated in the English Breakout! to get an idea of how the challenge works and what subject content can be used.

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