A. P. Studio Art A/B

This course is designed to be the equivalent of a general entry-level college art course. Students who take this course should have a high level of motivation, diligence, commitment, and independence. In addition to the portfolio examination, students will be expected to create artwork outside class time, participate in critiques and discussions, complete daily exercises to advance skills, maintain a sketch book, and prepare their work for showings. Students will be encouraged to develop a personal direction or voice in their work. To obtain college credit, students will prepare and submit an essay and portfolio that will be concentrates on three sections: Quality, Breadth, and Concentration. This essay and portfolio is due in the spring. Most of the first semester is focused on developing the Breadth section of the portfolio (10-12 pieces), which demonstrates a wide range of work. Second semester will focus on developing the Concentration section of your portfolio (10-12 pieces), focusing on an in-depth individual exploration of the voice of your art. Some class projects will be presented to guide study. Most of the second semester is self-guided. Each course is for one semester. You must sign up for both first and second semester.

Course Subject
Course Number
Grade Level
Course Duration
36 weeks
Course Credit
Course Fee
$30.00 plus testing fees