Frederick High student accepted into all four prestigious military academies

Being accepted to one United States military academy is an honor, but acceptance to all four is rare and exceptional. 
Frederick High School graduate Julia Wyatt, 17, was accepted to every college she applied to, including seven public universities, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, U.S. Naval Academy, U.S. Air Force Academy and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. 
When she found out she was accepted, Julia said she felt “a little shock but for the most part I simply felt proud. I put in the work I needed to and it all paid off.” 
Extremely high admissions standards plague thousands of students applying to U.S. military academies every year. According to a recent class profile, 13,827 applications were started for the United States Military Academy at West Point. Of those, only 2,360 qualified and 1,257 were accepted.
“I've always seen myself in the military,” Julia said. “I love the structure, determination, and potential for self growth physically and mentally.
We spoke to Julia about her college and career plans, how Frederick High School helped her achieve those goals and asked her to give some advice for students applying to college this year. Here is what she had to say.
Why did you apply to the military academies?
“The goal was always to go to college, get my degree and then serve my country in the Army, but I didn't know that I actually wanted to apply to the academies until about a year ago -- I started the process considerably late. After talking to my athletic director and a few coaches, I realized that the academies were the best option for me. I could obtain my degree while also training to become a commissioned officer in the United States military.” 
Where did you decide to go to college? 
“I will be studying civil engineering at the United States Military Academy at West Point. To be honest, what truly did it for me was learning that West Point had a softball team that I could try out for. My desire to serve my country, obtain my degree first and achieve my dream of playing Division 1 softball all came together there. West Point was always my number one, but receiving an appointment to any military academy is special and rare. Plus, I get to do the best thing on the planet once I graduate, and that's serving my country.”
What are your plans after college?
“To put it in one sentence, I wish to travel the world and build bridges. Eventually, I hope to have a Ph.D. in civil engineering with a Master's in structural engineering. As far as the career goes, the Army will be a lifetime commitment. My goal is to reach the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.”
How did Frederick High prepare you for your future? 
“Frederick High has prepared me for my future in many ways. Advanced Placement and Honors classes challenged me academically and provided classes that will help prepare me for my future. My softball, and track and field coaches pushed me to become stronger physically and mentally. And my teachers and classmates never stopped supporting me in my dreams and goals. No matter what I wanted to accomplish, I always had unwavering support from my teachers, friends, classmates and community. 
“But what I think most prepared me was how my teachers and coaches would incorporate real world experience into their lessons. This helped me develop a realistic view of the world and prepare me for my adult life.”
What advice do you have for other students considering military academies? 
“Find what you are passionate about and get involved. What helped me be accepted was my involvement and leadership in my school and community. Continue challenging yourself, maintain good grades and better yourself every chance you get.”