College and Career

College and Career

Frederick High School counselors are here to help students learn, explore, and plan for life after high school. This includes college, military, tech or vocational training, or immediate employment. 

How your counselor can help you: Post graduate planning, college admissions, letters of recommendation, course selection, career exploration, goal setting, scholarship opportunities, planning and paying for college, NCAA Eligibility and many others.

Q: Where can I find my class rank?
A: It is on your official transcript. You can email your counselor for quick access to it or you can obtain a personal copy of your official transcript by completing the google form HEREStudents MUST use their SVVSD school email address to complete the transcript request form.

Q: How do I get my CU Succeed, FRCC, AIMS, or CSU transfer credits when I head to college?
A: You will need to order your transcript directly from the college in which you received credit from, and send it to the college you plan to attend. Links to order transcripts are listed below:
1. CU-Denver (CU Succeed)
2. Colorado State University (BioMed)
3. FRCC (Concurrent Enrollment)
4. AIMS (Concurrent Enrollment)

Send your SAT scores: You can send your scores for FREE to four colleges each time you register for the SAT. If you are sending AFTER you took the SAT, you will have to login to your Collegeboard account and send it directly to the college. There is a fee to send scores after the test, so we recommend sending them while registering for the SAT.

Request your official transcript for scholarship applications: To request an official copy of your transcript for scholarship applications or other uses, complete this formHERE.

Apply to College: There are two ways students can​​ apply to college. Follow the directions below:

  1. ​Students can apply through the Common Application. All your application materials including your transcript and letters of recommendation will be sent using this program. Your counselor will get notification to upload your transcript once you have completed the Common Application.
  2. Students can apply directly on the college’s website. If your college of choice uses SendEdu your counselor will be notified. If they do not, you will need to submit a transcript request HERE. Students MUST use their SVVSD school email address to complete the transcript request form.